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The 01/03/2024 -

Objective of the project Most diseases including cancers, viral infections, neurodegenerative conditions, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disorders, all originate from a molecular level disruption of the biological cell lifecycle. Each year the cost to the EU is …



The 29/02/2024 -

Objective of the project There is an increasing need for miniaturised, multifunctional sensors providing simultaneous access to diverse chemical & biochemical information, required in various applications. Nowadays, such information, is routinely obtained by centralized laboratories and the …



The 29/08/2023 -

Objective of the project Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide, accounting for 28% of all cancer deaths. As part of its screening, patients perform a chest CT scan, and a bronchoscopy can …



The 30/05/2023 -

Objective of the project In the CAFCA project, new fibre sensor approaches that allow intrinsically to discriminate between stress and temperature-related contributions will be developed by the various partners. For this, it will be made use of …



The 31/01/2023 -

Objective of the project There is a clear need of advanced multi-sensing systems capable of providing fast and quantitative detection of a huge range of hazards which could affect human health in our daily life. Sectors …



The 07/11/2022 -

Objective of the project We aim at developing innovative high energy laser sources emitting at 2 μm wavelength for enhanced laser processing of various materials in order to circumvent limitations observed today with classical approaches at …



The 07/11/2022 -

Objective of the project The aim of the GADEIRE project is to develop a new medium infrared guiding fibre (between 2 and 7 μm) for gas detection applications. This fiber will be based on a particular …



The 06/09/2022 -

Objective of the project The objective of the project is to develop a multi-channel surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biodetection instrument as well as the associated biofunctionalized multiplex SPR chip. The instrument and chip (i.e., SPR kit) …



The 16/08/2022 -

Objective du projet The main objective of the FEMTOLENS project is to develop a new micro-machining platform integrating different modules, beam shaping and performance prediction/optimization, which will be applied to the machining of injection moulds for …



The 12/08/2022 -

Objective of the project The SAPHIRE project aims to improve the production quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules by developing an innovative, multimodal and fully integrated online optical inspection device. Various parameters are sought, such …

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