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Illustration Artificial Intelligence

Since its creation in 2001, Multitel’s Artificial Intelligence department has been very active in the field of image and video analysis through numerous national and European research projects to commercial prototypes building. With a broad field experience acquired through various works in application domains such as video surveillance, machine vision, multimedia data analysis or biomedical engineering, the department’s scientific expertise ranges from the extraction of low-level information up to high-level understanding of digital images and automatic decision-making.

Multitel’s Artificial Intelligence department aims to translate its skills as well as the latest technological advances in image processing into the development of innovative solutions. In addition to its research activities, the team is attentive to the most industrial specific requests and can assist companies throughout the development of a new project: from technical specifications writing to hardware and software development of innovative prototypes.

Intelligent video surveillance

From a single camera to complex networks comprising hundreds of cameras, more and more CCTV systems are being deployed on a daily basis in shopping malls, car parks and public transport. In this context, Multitel is studying, developing and integrating innovative analytical tools to improve the visualization, monitoring and decision-making of human operators or existing video surveillance solutions.

Machine vision

Today, to be competitive, industrial players must automate their means of production while ensuring the quality of their products. In this context, Multitel develops “tailor-made” machine vision systems responding to the most demanding industrial needs. Those systems integrate Artificial Intelligence technologies into the manufacturing and inspection processes of a product and thus improve the quality and speed of production.

Multimedia content analysis

At the present time, we have to deal with such large amounts of audiovisual data that management, structuring, interactivity, retrieval and content navigation tools have become essential. In response to these needs, Multitel’s Artificial Intelligence department develops software solutions that implement the latest approaches in intelligent access to multimedia content.

Biomedical engineering

Wanting to close the gap between engineering and medicine, the Artificial Intelligence department is also active in the biomedical field through the development of ICT tools dedicated to the health sector. By using the latest technological advances in image processing, Multitel aims to provide innovative solutions to medical, paramedical and biotechnological actors that can assist them in the establishment of healthcare (diagnosis, therapy, monitoring, etc.).

Some of our customers

acic Aperam creaceed Dim3 Infrabel SGTC SNCF Unisensor euresys FLIR Thalès

Some of our customers

acic Aperam creaceed Dim3 Infrabel SGTC SNCF Unisensor euresys FLIR Thalès

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