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Illustration Multimedia content analysis


In a connected world involving increasing amounts of audiovisual data, Multitel’s Artificial Intelligence department develops software tools integrating recent approaches in intelligent access to multimedia content. These tools allow meeting many different needs in terms of data management, classification, interactivity, structuring, retrieval and browsing.

Visual content classification

By making use of recent approaches in machine learning, Multitel develops software modules allowing users to filter, retrieve, organize and adapt their databases in an interactive way by automatic classification of visual content. In this context, Multitel works notably on problems concerning face and emotion recognition.

emotion recognition
Reconnaissance d’émotions

Multimedia data indexation

Multitel’s Artificial Intelligence department also focuses on designing new means of indexing, encoding and compressing video data by recognizing scenes or objects of interest within the visual content (faces, text boxes, etc.).


3D visual interfaces

By using three-dimensional modeling or reconstruction of 1D (e.g. laser) or 2D data (camera), the department’s activities in the multimedia sector are also oriented towards the production of new augmented reality visual interfaces taking into account the most specific user needs.

3D analysis
Reconstruction 3D et réalité augmentée