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The 30/04/2021 -

Objective of the project WINGS, the technological innovation partnership for the health crisis in the aeronautic sector, brings together 19 partners with an R&D project budget of €112 million for a three-year planned duration Launched at the …



The 22/02/2021 -

Objective of the projet As consumer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables (F&V) continues to increase, so does the risk of microbiological and chemical contamination. Currently, inspections for F&V are carried out at the production site …

flexible solar cell


The 05/08/2020 -

Objective of the project The project targets the development of a roll-to-roll process for flexible solar cells based on the specific Monoscribe approach (developed by the company Sunplugged). The main deliverable of the research carried in …



The 04/08/2020 -

Objective of the project Within the project CARMEN a versatile multimodal microscopy platform combining the mutual complementary techniques of two-photon excited fluorescence, CARS and STED microscopy for ex vivo biopsies will be developed. The CARMEN imaging …



The 05/08/2019 -

Objective of the project The aim of the project OPUS is to develop a laser micromachining module compatible with the fabrication of flexible solar cells by roll to roll process. In order to do so, we …



The 31/07/2019 -

Objective of the project The project Microlab has multiple objectives: exploit the properties of femtosecond lasers for designing and making on-demand custom micro-fluidic chips; exploit the properties of femtosecond lasers for micro et nano structuring the …



The 08/02/2019 -

Objective of the project MULTIPOINT's main objective is to develop a high power femtosecond laser system (1.2 kW femtosecond laser source working at high pulse energy) with a multibeam generation unit and custom beam delivery scanning …



The 14/09/2018 -

Objective of the project APTACHIP is an ERA-Net project, proposed in a EuroTransBio call. The objective is to develop a multiplexed sensor for real time monitoring of the concentration of monoclonal antibodies produced by mammalian cells in …



The 10/09/2018 -

Objective of the project BIOBACTIL is a project presented in the call " Programme Mobilisateur - WB Health" of "Service Public de Wallonie". Meningitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the protective membranes (the meninges) …


The 12/04/2018 -

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