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Lab-on-chip laser micro-manufacturing


Objective of the project

The project Microlab has multiple objectives:

  1. exploit the properties of femtosecond lasers for designing and making on-demand custom micro-fluidic chips;
  2. exploit the properties of femtosecond lasers for micro et nano structuring the microfluidic chips channels surfaces in order to facilitate fluidics flux and thermal transfers;
  3. enhance injection molds properties with micro structuration and functionalized surfaces;
  4. exploit the properties of thulium laser for micro-fluidic chips encapsulation;
  5. develop numerical tools for designing microfluidic channels and micromachining patterns;
  6. study the possibilities to integrate various sensors for liquid detection, chemical reaction or temperature evolution into the micro-fluidic channels by the aerosol jet printing technology;
  7. realize a demonstrator composed of:

– a first laser module for micro-machining. This module will permit to realize microfluidic circuits on various materials (glass, polymer, ceramics and metals)

– a second laser module for encapsulation. Two approaches are foreseen: laser direct welding of two transparent thermoplastics or combining laser technology with additives selective micro-impression;

– an automation unit permitting the link between the two previous modules in order to obtain an autonomous demonstrator capable of fabricating a complete microfluidic chip.

The project MICROLAB has been approved by the Mecatech Cluster in the framework of Plan Marshall of the Walloon Region.

region wallonne

Contribution of Multitel

  • Participation to the definition of the needs and feasibility studies.
  • Participation to the development of the micro-machining set-up.
  • Participation to the micromachining and functionalization laser process studies on injection molds.
  • Active contribution to the elaboration of the exploitation plan by an internal evaluation of potential commercial impacts induced by the project Microlab.


Lab-on-chip devices, diagnostic kits…


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  • Coris BioConcept
  • Femto Laser Services
  • Citius Engineering
  • Multitel
  • Sirris
  • Cenaero

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