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Solar Cell Advanced Roll-to-roll process based on Laser multibeam Engraving and printing Technology

flexible solar cell

Objective of the project

The project targets the development of a roll-to-roll process for flexible solar cells based on the specific Monoscribe approach (developed by the company Sunplugged). The main deliverable of the research carried in Wallonia is the realization of a prototype for multibeam management and scanning.

This module is therefore composed of two sub-modules: the first one will concern the generation and management of the beams and the second one will consist of a multi-beam scanning device that must be able to use the 4 beams generated by the first sub-module and engrave the desired patterns.

The objective of the Walloon partners, LASEA and MULTITEL, is to develop a laser beam management and scanning module compatible with a Roll to Roll manufacturing process. The particularity of the project is to develop a multi-beam system allowing to manage different optical parameters for each beam.

The SCARLET project is supported by the Walloon Region in the framework of EUREKA Programme, aimed at enhancing European competitiveness through its support to pan-European projects to develop innovative products, processes and services.

Contribution of Multitel

Multitel will develop the Beam Generation and Management sub-module within the multi-beam module.


Processing of flexible solar cells



  • Lasea (Belgium)
  • Multitel ( Belgium)

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