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Development of ultrafast Infrared Sources for Realizing Unprecedented materials Processes at Two microns


Objective of the project

We aim at developing innovative high energy laser sources emitting at 2 μm wavelength for enhanced laser processing of various materials in order to circumvent limitations observed today with classical approaches at other wavelengths. The new laser systems will be used for investigations on the processing of polymers for miniaturized, biocompatible and cost effective medical components like stents or catheters; processing of semiconductors (decoating, engraving…) and hybrid materials joining.

Avec le soutien de la Wallonie

Contribution of Multitel

MULTITEL will contribute to the project by developing and prototyping different fiber laser sources.



  • Neolase


  • Multitel
  • Lasea
  • Optec
  • LZH

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