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Capteurs Auto-calibrés sur Fibres multi-Coeurs pour Applications embarquées


Objective of the project

In the CAFCA project, new fibre sensor approaches that allow intrinsically to discriminate between stress and temperature-related contributions will be developed by the various partners.

For this, it will be made use of multi-core fibers that allow to integrate on the same fiber different types of sensors and thus, by comparison, separate the influence of these two parameters. These fibres will be developed in the project as well as the various sensors and associated optical interrogation systems.

It is also planned to develop new modelling tools for these new sensors in different types of environment. Special attention will be paid to the case where the sensors are transferred to the surface of materials or integrated into composite structures.

In the project, 3 specific application cases are targeted:

temperature measurement in satellites by surface transfer
temperature measurement integrated with composite materials for aircraft wing leading edges to regulate de-icing
and finally, the measurement of temperature and stress in shipbuilding.

The CAFCA project is a Plan Marshal project labelled by the Skywin Pole (call 31).

Avec le soutien de la Wallonie

Contribution of Multitel

MULTITEL contributes to the development of new sensors based on multicore fibres in particular, and on the associated interrogation methods. MULTITEL is particularly interested in developing solutions based on pulsed laser sources for time mode interrogation.


Aeronautics – Aerospace – Naval.



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