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Advanced lens design for safety luminaires through tailored beam femtosecond laser texturing


Objective du projet

The main objective of the FEMTOLENS project is to develop a new micro-machining platform integrating different modules, beam shaping and performance prediction/optimization, which will be applied to the machining of injection moulds for the realization of optical elements.

In a practical way, this platform will help technical staff. Indeed, the operator wishing to carry out a process must first describe it on the interface (type of pattern, dimensions, type of material…), to define several criteria with a weighting (for example, to privilege speed, to avoid the presence of debris, the thermal effects, the ascents of melted material…) and, on the basis of the adjustable parameters in the machine (duration of laser pulses, wavelength, size and shape of spot, sweep speed…); the algorithm will propose one or more technical solutions to guide the user.

The FEMTOLENS project is supported by the Walloon Region in the framework of Eurostars Programme, aimed at R&D performing SMEs.

Avec le soutien de la Wallonie

Contribution of Multitel

MULTITEL aims to develop one of the modules to be integrated by LASEA, using a mathematical tool based on machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts. Multitel also participates in the data collection for the artificial intelligence module.



  • Laintec


  • Multitel
  • Lasea
  • Cailabs

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