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Illustration ERTMS / CTCS / KRTCS Test Benches

For several years, Multitel has been offering its services to the railway sector under various forms. However development might take a lot of time and suppliers are not always close to Multitel. Therefore, Multitel provides the availability of its Tests Bench for purchase, what allows supplier, Infrastructure Managers and Universities to use the test environments for validating their internal development as well as innovations.

Modularity: The Multitel’s test benches are modular that allows from simple tests up to the complete tests. But it also allows the integration of additional tests and third party new tools. An example of modularity is the extension of the current tools to standards beyond ERTMS (e.g. CTCS and KRTCS).

Versions Supported: Our test benches support ERTMS for baseline 2, SRS 2.3.0d including the Change Request (CR) of the version 1.2.0 of the Subset-108 and for Baseline 3 SRS 3.4.0 and SRS 3.6.0. It also supports CTCS L2 and L3 and KRTCS (with support to LTE communications).

Multitel’s test benchs are:

  • MRL-EVC-TB (Subset-076 & Subset-094, Subset-EVC and more)
  • MRL-RBC-TB (Subset-RBC)
  • MRL-SILAB (Combines MRL-EVC-TB with MRL-RBC-TB and includes TMS, KMC, TSR…)
  • MRL-EBT-TB (Eurobalise/BTM Lab supporting Subset-085, Subset-116 and EBL-XX Tests: Eurobalise only MRL-EBL-TB and BTM only MRL-BTM-TB).

Operational Tests: With the above test benches, one can design, test and validate operational test cases (typical additional restrictions to put in service for a specific country). The tools provided will allow the traceability of the tests to the SRS requirements level (discussing compliancy at the SRS level is the easiest way to exchange information with NoBo, DeBo, NSA, ISA authorities). Multitel has already a set of operational test cases for a number of countries (availability is subject to authorization from the national authority that provided us the database).

All-in-one Solution: With the test bench of Multitel, one can develop products for multiple standards (ERTMS, CTCS and KRTCS). The additional investment for extending the test environment from one standard to a second one is minimal.


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