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Illustration ERTMS / CTCS Maintenance Tools

It is not enough to have acquired certified ERTMS components. With time or for lack of complementary specifications, the systems might start presenting fault operations or start showing availability issues after some time. As Multitel provides full test for certification for a number of ERTMS components, Multitel was requested to investigate for quite a few years the cause of failures (non compliancy, origin: track side, onboard, environment…). The fact to have performed a large number of analyses led Multitel to the development of a set of maintenance tools.

The maintenance tools provided by Multitel can be divided in two groups:

Beyond Standards: The Multitel Maintenance Tools provide support to Eurobalises following Subset-036 and Subset-085 for some tests, the most relevant ones, supposing that the device design was once fully certified but not only. In many cases, the tests performed are outside the scope of Subset-085 tests and indeed need extra test procedures that check the compliancy with additional requirements developed by Multitel, together with Infrastructure Managers across many countries, as a result of availability issues found during operations.


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