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Illustration ERTMS / CTCS Standard Creation Tools

Multitel has created test tools for onboard and track side components, as well as for their maintenance and production/acceptance tests. All this set of tools and services rely on the ERTMS, CTCS or KRTCS standards. As the Standards evolves, one can expect ways to assure that its investment in these tools will not be limited to a given version and that in particular minor changes to the standards can be easily be adapted by the end user.

With that respect, Multitel keeps an eye on the standard and updates its customers with the latest versions. Moreover, Multitel offers its customer the possibilities to update the Standard by itself through a set of Standard Creation Tools. The set of Standard Creation Tools are:

All the tools for testing onboard, track side, maintenance and production/acceptance tests will immediately and automatically be compatible with the changes on the standard done by the Standard Creations Tools. Infrastructure Managers will be able to try out new features and be in measure to validate it impact on the current standard, as well as have a more effective way to share it with the authorities.

Beyond Standards: The Standard Creation Tools support a number of standards. They include Subset-026 (ERTMS), Subset-076 (Onboard Test Specification), Subset-036 (Eurobalise/BTM Air Gap), Subset-116 (Eurobalise/BTM Interference), Subset-114 (Offline Key Management), Subset-137 (Online Key Management), but also a number of complements to the above standards and new ones that are only available from Multitel: Subset-RBC (IXL and RBC – Track Side Test Specification: MRL-RBC-DB). In particular Subset-RBC implements: Subset-039 for RBC/RBC connectivity and Subset-IXL for the tests of the connection among Interlockings and among RBCs and the MRL-RBC-TB (The Multitel Track Side Test Bench).

The above Subsets have additional complements from Multitel to cover missing requirements that might create interoperability issues. Some examples are:

– Subset-026 (covering additional requirements for EVC, RBC…) and it is referred as Subset-026-MLT

– Subset-RBC for the Track side additional tests specification

– Subset-085 for (Eurobalise/BTM tests) and referred as Subset-085-MLT.

Worldwide Standards: The Standard Creation Tools and all standards supported by the Standards Creation Tools and Laboratories of Multitel cover not only ERTMS but also CTCS (China and associated countries) and KRTCS (South Korea), which in addition to the supported software, are followed by the additional hardware modules for the interfaces present in CTCS and KRTCS that are not covered by ERTMS. That is all modular and available from Multitel. You can take the ERTMS solutions from Multitel and complement them later, knowing in advance that the full laboratory covers other standards as well. No need to reinvest in a complete new laboratory to cover a new standard or to update one.

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