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Illustration Biosensor and biophotonic system

 Biosensor design

Multitel is involved in national and European projects aiming at manufacturing the next generation of biosensors, allowing multiplexed and automated immunologic assays, with and without labeling.

  • Optical transducer for biochemical sensors
  • Optical fiber and waveguide technology
  • Optical instrumentation
  • Image processing
  • Embedded electronics


Lab-on-chip system for label-free diagnostics
Publication extract from “Lab on a Chip – Vol 10 – Number 3 – 7 Feb 2010 – p. 257 à p. 396 Label free Lab-on-chip system for diagnosis


optical fibre taper
Tapered optical fibre

In the framework of european projects (FP7-OCEAN, EraNet-EuroTransBio), Multitel is developing optical probes and high resolution multichannel spectrometers (with diffractive optics or tunable laser sources) in order to measure contaminants/toxin concentration in sea waters (Enviguard project) and monoclonal antibodies in bioreactors (Aptachip project).

optical fibre probe connected to a biochip
Optical fibre probe connected to a biochip
12 channels high resolution spectrometer
High resolution 12-channels spectrometer

Multitel’s area of competence

Multitel research center is gathering experts in the fields of optics, lasers, image and data processing, embedded electronics and prototyping.

By combining those fields, Multitel is able to develop biosensor solutions, from the transducer component to the full automated measuring system, according to end-user needs.


CAD design of optical systems
Computer aided design of optical systems


Systems development

From feasibility studies to prototyping, Multitel provides its expertise to industrial customers.




Detection of antibiotic residues and toxins in milk
The universal solution to detect all antibiotic residues and toxines in milk at once. From the laboratory prototype to manufactured qualified system (TRL 8).