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TEF Health


The 05/10/2023 -

Objective of the project TEF-Health develops a reference testing and experimentation facility (TEF) with a threefold objective: Carrying out tests and experiments of AI solutions in real or realistic environments; Implementing evaluation activities to facilitate market …



The 29/08/2023 -

Objective of the project Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide, accounting for 28% of all cancer deaths. As part of its screening, patients perform a chest CT scan, and a bronchoscopy can …



The 26/05/2023 -

Objective of the projet WalHub is a European Digital Innovation Hub – EDIH based in Wallonia (Belgium) that supports manufacturing companies in their digital transformation, by raising awareness and adopting key technologies. It is part of Digital …



The 26/05/2023 -

Objective of the project The TRAIL initiative (Trusted AI Labs) was launched on 10 September 2020 in the presence of the Minister-President of the Walloon Government, with the support of the Digital Wallonia strategy. It brings together …



The 23/05/2023 -

Objective of the project The LECaaS project has been approved by the Walloon government as part of the MecaTech cluster and aims to standardise tools for large-scale deployable energy communities, these oriented to residential or mixed …



The 30/04/2021 -

Objective of the project WINGS, the technological innovation partnership for the health crisis in the aeronautic sector, brings together 19 partners with an R&D project budget of €112 million for a three-year planned duration Launched at the …



The 02/03/2021 -

Objective of the project The aim of the project is to develop a patient-centred platform to capture, analyze and record patient-generated health data and interdisciplinary data on patients with neurological diseases, starting with Parkinson’s disease. The …



The 02/03/2021 -

Objective of the project The project stems from the technological and economic convergence of the world of drones and satellites, the result of the NewSpace revolution and the empowerment of drones. The objective of IADAS is to …


The 12/04/2018 -


MEDIAfactory – Multitel USERMEDIA Portfolio

The 10/04/2018 -

Objective of the projet Coming soon... Total budget project (Multitel): 663 427.71€ EU funding (ERDF): 265 371.08€ Walloon Region funding : 232 199.70€

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