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communauté d'énergie


The 15/02/2023 -

Objective of the project In spring 2019, Wallonia adopted its new «Collective Consumption Decree», ahead of most other European regions. More than a market opportunity, it is a real revolution in the energy and network sector in …



The 24/02/2021 -

Objective of the project The Ampasens project, funded by the Walloon Region as part of the calls for proposals for Walloon competitiveness clusters, is a co-labeled project of the SKYWIN aeronautics cluster and the Mechanical Engineering …



The 24/11/2020 -

Objective of the project The objective of the City-Line project is to connect urban logistics operators through an intelligent IT solution in order to offer shippers a one-stop shop that optimizes their operational transport costs while …


The 04/08/2020 -



The 03/08/2020 -

Objective of the project The aim is to improve the traceability and authentication of documents and goods by offering a cost-effective solution. To do this, we would like to develop a unique method of marking as …

inland waterway


The 31/07/2020 -

Objective of the project IW-NET will deliver a multimodal optimisation process across the EU Transport System, increasing the modal share of IWT and supporting the EC’s ambitions to reduce transport GHG emissions by two thirds by …

E-PICK 2.0

The 01/08/2019 -

Objective of the project Large companies, using subcontracting to transport the finished products to their place of distribution or raw materials to the place of production, organize the loading and unloading activities by imposing an arrival …



The 31/07/2019 -

Objective of the project The major challenges facing the automotive industry over the next 15 years are the development of highly autonomous cars and advanced electrification of the engine systems. These developments aim to meet the …


The 31/07/2019 -

Objective of the project The aim of the MOBITS project is to define and develop a demonstrator of an integrated and dynamic information system to both passengers and operators of public transport in order to provide …

Pump Hydro Energy Storage


The 20/04/2018 -

Objective of the project The SMARTWATER project generated some investigation tools to assess the feasibility of the rehabilitation of end-of-life quarries and mines into medium-sized Pump Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) units. The project implemented a holistic approach …

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