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Controlling costs of urban distribution


Objective of the project

The objective of the City-Line project is to connect urban logistics operators through an intelligent IT solution in order to offer shippers a one-stop shop that optimizes their operational transport costs while minimizing the environmental impact.

Achieving an urban distribution combining economy and ecology is therefore complex. The City-Line project provides answers to the following needs:

  1. To make synchromodality for urban distribution competitive;
  2. To facilitate the development of an economically viable urban distribution which minimises CO2, NOx and noise emissions in city centres;
  3. To answer to the challenges (congestion, relationship with the end customer, etc.) related to the atomization of the flows of goods to be delivered in the city.

The project City-Line has been approved by the Logistics in Wallonia Cluster in the framework of Plan Marshall of the Walloon Region.

Contribution of Multitel

Multitel, with its Signal and Embedded Systems department in particular, has acquired extensive experience in the field of logistics traceability. Multitel is mainly involved in the WP 4 «Intelligent containerization», requiring its specific skills. Interactions with the WP 1 “IT platform” will also be necessary to ensure the integration of these different communication tools. Finally, Multitel will participate in the testing of these integrated tools as part of WP 3 “use case”.


The City-Line project proposes to develop a platform that brings together several types of urban transport operators and which relies on 4 deliverables:

  1. a collaborative business model and a sustainable governance;
  2. a bi-objective algorithm that optimizes economic impact while minimizing environmental impact;
  3. a connected urban container, communicating to facilitate transhipment operations and temperature monitoring;
  4. a software solution that integrates and synchronizes the operation of different elements.


  • Le Coursier wallon


  • Multitel
  • ULiège
  • Urbike
  • TNPS
  • IT-Optics
  • e-farmz
  • TFCo
  • Brasserie Artisanale de Namur

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