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Project MOB-Multitel

Wal-e-Cities Portfolio

Project MOB-Multitel

Objective of the project

MOB project is part of the Wal-e-Cities Portfolio, which is co-funded by European Union and Wallonia.

Based on innovation by use and technological innovation, the projects aspire to be agile with short developments (6 to 8 months), phases of validated learning, iterative design and proof-of-concept.
MOB (Smart Mobility) aims to facilitate daily mobility with a more fluid access to the cities while focusing on alternative solutions with low carbon impact.

Total budget of the project (Multitel): 2 400 190.91€

  • EU funding (ERDF): 960 076.37€
  • Walloon Region funding : 840 066.80€

Contribution of Multitel

• multi-sector infrared sensors and systems for the recording of traffic and parking conditions, physically integrable into street furniture;
• image analysis software libraries for the recording of traffic, parking and pedestrian traffic conditions, available in server version (existing or dedicated camera) and in embedded version (commercial camera and street furniture);
• software libraries for data mining, data farming, optimization and predictive analysis, as well as tools for visualizing results from these libraries.

You can find more details in French version of our Website:



Smart Mobility, IoT


  • Multitel


  • Sirris
  • ULiège
  • UNamur

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