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Project LIV-Multitel

Wal-e-Cities Portfolio

Project LIV-Multitel

Objective of the project

LIV project is part of the Wal-e-Cities Portfolio, which is co-funded by European Union and Wallonia.

Based on innovation by use and technological innovation, the projects aspire to be agile with short developments (6 to 8 months), phases of validated learning, iterative design and proof-of-concept.
LIV (Smart Living) aims to create new urban planning models suited to the smart citizen of tomorrow.

Total budget of the projet (Multitel): 1 500 255.47€

  • EU funding (ERDF): 600 102.18€
  • Walloon Region funding : 525 089.42€

Contribution of Multitel

• dense geolocated sensors network 
• statistical noise segmentation / classification algorithms to identify and quantify the contribution of the various components observed.
• software platform for the visualization of data (raw, automatically classified noise) and the configuration of the system.


You can find more details in French version of our Website:


Smart Environment, Smart Living, IoT


  • Multitel


  • Cetic
  • ULiège
  • UNamur

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