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E-PICK 2.0

Shared IT platform for real-time interconnection services between warehouses and transporters

Objective of the project

Large companies, using subcontracting to transport the finished products to their place of distribution or raw materials to the place of production, organize the loading and unloading activities by imposing an arrival schedule of the trucks . In reality, the drivers do not respect these constraints and cause costly disruptions in the preparation or reception of loads: the ups and downs of staff occupation cause the continuos reorganisation of the in/out stock handling.

In a broader context of information exchange, ePick 2.0 will offer logistic stakeholders various value-added services: warehouse scheduling (WMS) based on truck arrival forecasting, exchange of traceability information (WMS-TMS ), shared and targeted geolocation, route optimization …

The ePick 2.0 platform will be accessible in the form of subscriptions to the various services offered. These subscriptions can be subscribed via an operator of the sector.


The project E-Pick 2.0 has been approved by the Logistics in Wallonia Cluster in the framework of Plan Marshall of the Walloon Region.

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Contribution of Multitel

In the project E-PICK 2.0, the role of Multitel consists in the  study and realisation of the information exchange functions between vehicles and and  the ePick 2.0 Platform, i.e.:

– a tracking automated stand-alone module ( without driver’s intervention)

– a ” virtual” version of this feature in the form of a downloadable Android application for sub-contract hauliers not specifically equipped.

– the embedded HMI to inform the driver of the vehicle of an itinerary change or an update of (un)loading constraints (time slot, platform, contact,…).





  • NSI IT Software & Services


  • Oscars
  • Jost & Cie
  • Jost Logistics
  • Multitel
  • Cetic
  • Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège ( HEPL)

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