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Blockchain-based applications for SME competitiveness


Objective of the project

The new European project BLOCKSTART helps SMEs strengthen their competitive positions through the use of blockchain technology. BLOCKSTART focuses on businesses active in the fields of health, logistics and agrifood, enabling them to use blockchain to increase security and efficiency in their work when it comes to data protection, tracking and invoicing.

Many small- to medium-sized companies find it difficult to get started with new technologies since the scale of SMEs is often too small, among other reasons. The BLOCKSTART project is designed to make this possible.  Working together, these partners form an international ecosystem of business networks, incubators and blockchain experts. They will identify and take on the greatest challenges facing SMEs in health, logistics and agrifood. This ecosystem then provides business support, networking opportunities and a testing environment.

Blockchain (BC) technology ensures safe, automated and efficient data transactions that may be used in the exchange of medical information, for example, or monitoring goods in transport or tracing the origin of food products.

To better understand BLOCKSTART, watch these videos:

  • What is Blockstart:

  • Free Training Programme:

  • Blockchain vs Internet:

Besides the funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF, European Union), Multitel receives a co-funding from Wallonia.


Blockstart has been nominated for the Computable Awards 2019

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Contribution of Multitel

Multitel, leader of the Solution Development Work Package of Blockstart, will act as a blockchain solution integrator for logistic and agro-food uses cases: implementation of pilots and tools to demonstrate the feasibility and integration of the blockchain in the logistics processes of different sectors, particularly through the use of the Internet of Things.
Supported by a local network of economical actors, Multitel will also act as a business facilitator to engage the Walloon and Eurometropolitan (Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai) SMEs in the blockchain transition.


Use of blockchain technologies in the fields of health, logistics and agrifood.


  • Brightlands Smart Services Campus (business name) Campus Heerlen Management & Development BV (Legal name) (Netherlands)


  • Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim (Netherlands)
  • Medicen Paris Region (France)
  • Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost-Nederland NV (Netherlands)
  • Multitel asbl (Belgium)
  • BioRegio STERN Management GmbH (Germany)
  • The University of Surrey (United Kingdom)
  • Option Public ( France)

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