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New anechoic chamber for EMC & ETSI tests

anechoic chamber

Multitel has acquired an anechoic chamber for the development and prequalification of electronic systems.

This probably inspires you some questions. Let’s answer them!

Why have a room dedicated only to development and prequalification?

The anechoic chambers that allow certification are often overbooked. It is not uncommon to have 2 to 3 months to get a test area for a few days certification. Multitel intends to answer differently to the needs of companies, SMEs, startups that develop new electronic products by offering a solution that can be rented for extended periods: a week for example.

This approach allows designers of electronic products to foresee, during the development phase, a period of analysis and diagnosis in anechoic chamber long enough to adapt the product by tests-errors until the best guarantees that the product will be certifiable and this by controlling the budget and the schedule. The ultimate benefit is certification on the first try, shortening time to market and limiting the overall test budget.

What are the characteristics of this chamber and what types of applications is it dedicated to?

The chamber is intended for generic EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests in the rail, space, military, medical, industrial, domestic, IOT, etc. But also for ETSI tests of RF communication systems ranging from GSM-R, GSM 2G to 4G, GPS, various IOT system, wifi, etc. If to date, the equipment did not cover certain telecommunication tests, investments of additional equipment (on-site or rented) could be considered which will include, for example, 5G or specific defence technologies.

What services are associated with the room and for which audience?

The chamber can be used both for specialists from large companies and for SMEs, startups developing product prototypes including electronic design. By bringing the pre-test to the development stage, the idea is to anticipate the certification problems related to design. To this end, a Multitel specialist could accompany the diagnosis during the tests, which allows to benefit from the advice of an experienced person at the crossroads of electronic design and hardware certification.

In addition to the benefits of prequalification, the ETSI communication test facilities allow to test the resistance or resilience of communications to disruptors, in the isolated environment of our anechoic chamber. This will certainly be a pillar of communications security research. A pillar on which Multitel will be able to strengthen its skills and contribute to new challenges, together with its partners, for future Walloon and European projects.

Please find attached the details of the proposed tests and standards covered.

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