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Illustration Network audit

From applications to optical or copper wiring, Multitel offers a complete service of expertise and network audit, independently of any manufacturer.

The first step is to detect and solve problems arising on the network (troubleshooting):

  • Verification of the wiring system: continuity, length, attenuation, etc. Twisted pairs or optical fibre (in collaboration with the Metrology Department of the Applied Photonics Department)
  • Analysis of traffic (sniffers): network discovery, IP/MAC address matching, response time, bandwidth usage, protocol distribution
  • Analysis of active devices configurations such as switches, routers, wireless access points, firewalls
  • virus detection or intrusion attempts
  • Addressing problem troubleshooting
  • Reinstallation, configuration, security and optimization of various operating systems (Windows®, Linux, …)
  • Reinstallation, configuration and optimization of network applications: Web server, mail server, …

Based on the results of this network audit, the second step will be to establish a health check of the network integrating improvement and correction measures to be considered in the longer term (baselining).

Ultimately, Multitel offers improvements to your network in terms of functionality, reliability, security, performance or reduced operating costs.


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