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Objective of the project

CryptoMEDIA is the common name to projects that aim to improve the encryption, protection, and traceability of sensitive data – and which data is not? -, assets without which companies would threaten their livelihoods and existence . In our mobile and hyper-connected world, security becomes a paramount.

The CryptoMEDIA project, funded by the ERDF funds of the European Union and Wallonia, aims to strengthen the cryptography research expertise in Wallonia. It will ensure the availability, in Wallonia, of a center of expertise in cryptography at the highest level of research, and provide the necessary space for this research to interact with public institutions and the private sector. The exploitable results of CryptoMEDIA will focus on protocol security and implementation.

Total budget of the project (Multitel): 210 752.92€

  • EU funding (ERDF): 84 301.17€
  • Walloon Region funding : 73 763.52€

Contribution of Multitel

MULTITEL is responsible for implementing the algorithms studied by other research topics (Implementation Security) on a wide range of terminals and sensors requiring this type of cryptography. The research center is effectively active in a large number of projects for which sensors with very low computing power are used. The integration of these algorithms will be performed in systems that do not have significant computing power or for which the power consumption must be minimized ; these equipment must also transmit their information in a risk environment (shared wireless transmission for example). To do this, the project will benefit from the skills of MULTITEL in embedded electronics and will also benefit from the infrastructure and equipment of MULTITEL to test the robustness of algorithms developed towards attacks, classical or based on electromagnetic disturbances.

MULTITEL is in charge of checking the adequacy and implementation of the algorithms adapted to the low-power embedded systems (power and computing power) that already exist or will result from the results of the “implementation security” task supported by the UCL. This can be done on a wide variety of sensors, Multitel already participating in various sensor implementation work with this type of limitation in collaboration with industrial or academic partners (Smart Grids, intelligent video analysis, distributed environmental sensors …) . This is done, of course, in regular collaboration with the CRYPTO group of UCL in order to benefit from their high-level experience and their constant technological watch in this field.




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